Sunday, September 8, 2013

Domestic goddes

So today im feeling so domestic goddessy like. Managed to blender dried chillies to paste. Blender bawang besar. One more thing is to kupas bawang putih and blend it as well.

Cooked asam pedas ikan selar for lunch. And sup carrot and brocolli for the kids. They really could eat. Like really. Nazim boleh makan nasi with sup sayur at 5pm, then eat mango around 7pm. Then 8.30 they want to eat nasi n sup sayur again. Even Nuar suprise their level of kuat makan. But for a mommy POV, its really satisfying when somebody eat what you cooked.

P/s: now nazim and iqbal are eating roti krim pulak.

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